How To Give Robux To Friends

Robux is gaming currency of Roblox site. Roblox(27 August 2006) is the platform where a single user or multiuser can create their games, videos and even play the games created by the other users.

Robux is used by the users generally to buy weapons and other things online as per their requirement. Users can only sell the items if they have the builder’s club membership.

Users can also earn the robux from the other users if they are playing the games which are created by them. Roblox is also a tool which is used by users to show their creativity and earn the robux from others.

You initially have to get the details from your friend that what kind of item he is having for sale so that you can give robux to your friend on purchase of that item.

You can get the details from him by the means of chat or through any other way of communication.

Follow these mentioned steps sequentially to give robux to your friend:

  • Enter your credentials on main Roblox site and if you forget them then you can also use forget the option to reset the credentials again.
  • Visit your Roblox profile by clicking on the login button.
  • Select the catalog to view the goods to be bought or sold.
  • Click on the FOR SALE on the left side to view the list of items which are shown by the other users for the sale.
  • After this, you will get the item’s list, and from that list, you have to select the category of your friend’s item.
  • When multiple items are displayed to you, then type the name of your friend’s item in the search box so that you can get closer to your targeted item.
  • After typing the name of an item in the search box on the left, hit the enter button to find the item as told by your friend.
  • When you find the item which is for sale by your friend just click on the picture of that item or you can also click on the name of that item.
  • By clicking over there you can get the detailed description of that item with the help of which, you can get the idea about the item, its features, etc.
  • Click on the R$ on the left side of description to purchase the item and donate the robux to your friend which are mentioned in the description of the product.
  • After the completion of this process, your friend will get 70% of robux. By following these instructions you can easily give the robux to your friend which can be used by him for some other purposes.